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Conception of The Material Calculator™

The Material Calculator™ was conceived while working for Stone Plus, Inc. as a quicker way to calculate material quantities for customers' landscaping projects.

After looking around I hadn't found many calculators that cover a wide variety of materials. This calculator covers many types of materials and calculations for various installation options. It also gives you accurate results. Most formulas are standard geometry. However, many products will have different specifications. I have included data from published sources and added or modified data as I have experienced in real world situations on the job as a yardman.

I'm offering a 7-day free trial right now. The cost is only $20/yearly or $2.00/monthly or $0.50/weekly. It more than pays for itself by allowing you to purchase the correct amount of materials before starting a job.

FREE Technical support for software operations.

EMAIL for more info:

About Me (The software developer)

My name is Jeffrey L. Meyer. I have been doing computer programming since 1981 on several computer systems, various operating systems (mainly DOS, Windows, Linux/Unix) and in several programming languages, including: c/c++, pascal, QuickBASIC, Visual Basic 4/6, Visual Studio .NET, Visual C++ 20xx, C#, php, perl, sh, JavaScript, jQuery, etc.

I have extensive mathematics knowledge from my electronics engineering studies at Cleveland Institute of Electronics. The electronics math covered included, algebra, geometry, physics, trigonometry and some calculus. I have 9+ years on the job as a yardman, truck driver and counter person (POS), plus 2 years as I.T. Director working for Stone Plus, Inc. in Palm Coast, FL and Jacksonville, FL. ( My experience there covered calculating various product quantities including gravel (crushed rock), dirt/fill, building stone, flagstone, pavers and many other concrete and stone products.

I also do custom softare development, web development and web site/server maintenance (Linux type servers only - e.g. RedHat, debian, ubuntu, etc).

The Future of The Material Calculator™

I expect the calculator will expand greatly over time. I am planning on adding other types of calculators and converters. I will be including some standard conversion tools such as weights/measures. I also plan to add HVAC engineering calculators, construction trade calculators. And eventually my big math calculator that handles 2 million+ digit numbers (not many uses but cool utility).

There will also be a section for downloading formula sheets, software, installation how-to guides and much more.

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